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The Business of Being Born intro Print

"The Business of Being Born" continues to tour the country to support the Save Independent Midwifery Campaign.

See full details, video preview and screening schedule

Released in the USA in January 2008, it has great relevance to anyone with an interest in childbirth.

"A must-see movie for anyone even thinking about having a baby!"

"Midwives are preparing for a rush of interest in births outside hospital once this film hits UK screens" - Susie Mesure in The Independent
"The Birth of a Revolution!" - Joanna Moorhead in the Guardian

See important Breaking News about criticism of the film and its message by the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and the American Medical Association. Their recent resolution, in response to the publicity generated by the film, promotes hospital deliveries and opposes home births.
The IMA and National Childbirth Trust have issued a joint statement in response to the AMA's resolution.