Save Independent Midwifery Campaign - Dopamine and Sexual compatibility among couples

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Sexual compatibility is often an ignored factor when it comes to problems in marriage, love life and fertility issues. One of the key things that bend the brain towards doing things related to sex (like getting an erection, sexual desire or addition, getting an orgasm and so on) is dopamine. In simple words, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that passes information from one neuron to the next one in the brain. The relation between Dopamine and sex is something that has been haunting scientists for years now.

Without dopamine, there will be no feeling of pleasure

While you may think that the pleasure that you are getting from the sexual act is because of the muscle movements in the lower part of the body, but the fact is that the sense of pleasure that your mind is registering is triggered by the presence of the compound called dopamine. Thus it can be said that Dopamine and sex are completely interconnected with each other, as without dopamine, no matter how hard you pump yourself into your partner, the feeling of orgasm would never be felt by your mind.

The exact role of dopamine is still unknown

It is now proved that along with other important activities like mental focus, memory control, and even controlling emotional states, dopamine is certainly the key controller of all sexual activities that a human gets involved into. However, the exact role played by dopamine in genital arousal or control of sexual motivation is something that is not very clear as of now. But, one thing is certain. It plays a huge role in sex drive of both men and women, and thereby has the potential to influence the sexual compatibility dramatically.

It is now a proven fact that Dopamine and sex are directly correlated with each other. If the levels of dopamine in the brain are lower than what it should be ideally, it would impact the sexual health of the concerned individual. Lower dopamine would lead to lower sex appetite and obviously with a lower libido, there would be other sexual dysfunctions queuing up shortly.

To avoid this, it is important that foods like banana, watermelon and dairy products like cheese should be consumed as much as possible. Banana is a natural source of tyrosine, the amino acid which turns the nerve cells into dopamine. The proteins from the dairy products are also particularly useful in the formation of amino acids, which helps produce dopamine in the body.


One of the important aspects of any relationship that can act as a major reason for future relationship troubles is sexual compatibility. Most couple do not discuss about this openly before getting engaged with each other, either due to shyness or due to some taboo, but what they fail to understand is that being sexually compatible is very much required for a long and healthy relationship between a man and a woman.

What is sexual compatibility?

Sexual compatibility is the ability of the man or the woman to understand the carnal desires of his or her partner. Two people would be known as sexually compatible if they understand the intimate desires of their partners, they know what would turn their partner of or off, they would what is it exactly that the partner is looking to achieve while having sex and last but not the least, they both feel the same ecstasies after a session of having sex together. In a nutshell, being compatible sexually would mean that the sexual needs of both the partners would coincide with each other and they would be able to satisfy the carnal requirements of their partner seamlessly. it plays a huge role in fertility and child birth too.

Factors that influence sexual compatibility

There are several factors that decide on whether both the partners are sexually compatible with each other or not. The first thing that decides the sexual compatibility is the need for having sex which can be better termed as the sex appetite. One of the partners may want every night to be full of sex and enjoyment, while the other one may feel contended with once a week sex.

Apart from this, sexual behavior is also one of the factors that decide on the sexual compatibility of the partners. Another aspect is relationship compatibility. One of them might like the same position while having sex, but the other one may want to be a little bit more adventurous when it comes to try different positions while having sex. To be sexually compatible, it is very important that each partner acknowledges and acts as per the requirement of the other partner, to have a healthy sexual life and a hearty relationship and to be able to last longer in bed while also using a genuine penis pump.

It is obvious that not every couple will be 100% compatible when it comes to check on the sexual compatibility quotient. However, what matters the most is that the amount of discrepancies or the gaps in the sexual expectations should not be very high; else the couple would be highly incompatible to each other on sexual grounds.

Effect of different dopamine levels on the body

Talking about Dopamine and sex, it is important that we discuss a few words about the impact of varied levels of dopamine. If dopamine is available in excess in the body it would lead to sexual addiction, compulsions, aggression, unhealthy risk taking and sexual fetishes. The impact of lower levels of dopamine are depressions, lower libido, erectile dysfunction in men, social anxiety disorders, inability to bond with member of opposite gender, lack of ambition and sex drive. However, there are safe, natural and effective ways to enhane dopamine in the body for better sex life and better relationship and improving fertility.

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