Save Independent Midwifery Campaign - Testosterone levels in men : Natural treatments vs. Prescriptions

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One of the most important hormone that’s gets produced in a male’s body is testosterone, which is also known as the male hormone, and plays a huge role in male fertility. It is because of this hormone, that a man gets all the manly characteristics like hair on chest, deep voice, enhances the size of the genitals and a higher libido or sex drive. To maintain a good and healthy sexual life, it is important that the testosterone levels in men are neither higher nor lower.

Accepted levels of testosterone in men

The average testosterone levels in men is considered to be 679 ng/dL with the lower and higher limits being 270 ng/dL and 1070 ng/dL respectively. Any man who has a testosterone level of 00-600 ng/dL is considered to be healthy both on general front as well as on sexual front. During the age of 20 years, the production of testosterone is at the peak and with age it gradually declines.

While higher testosterone levels in men have certain drawbacks, there are certain benefits to it as well. Higher levels of testosterone would mean reduced chances of a cardiac attacks or obesity. It also means lowered blood pressure levels at times. To top it all, right or higher levels of testosterone would contribute to a better libido or sex drive which would mean more sessions of passionate love making. Some of the drawbacks of high levels of testosterone include an enlarged prostate, acne on shoulders and the back, reduced fertility at times and loss of hair.

Impact of low levels of testosterone

Lower testosterone levels in men would mean a lot of negativities which would impact the man in many ways. Some of the common challenges faced by men who have got a lower level of testosterone in the body include the following.

• Decreased masculine mass and loss of muscle strength

• Decreased energy levels and more prone to get fatigued

• Back pains which is caused by weak bones or osteoporosis

• Increased body fat

• Emotional and psychological changes which would get reflected in generic mood swings and higher irritability

• reduced interest for sex or reduced sex appetite

• Genital numbness would also be experienced

• Erectile dysfunction wherein getting and holding an erection becomes difficult, which also impacts the sex life of the concerned man

• Lower fluid levels in the body, which would lead to reduction in the semen and sperm volumes during ejaculation strongly encourages the use of natural and herbal products like Nugenix to promote health and wellness of people, and would recommend this resource to look for natural testosterone boosters.

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